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Birthdate:Dec 17

Well first things first, some of this fanfic was originally published under my other journal, [personal profile] moonvoice, to clear up any confusion, and Ravenari, to clear up any confusion there.

I've decided to create a dedicated fic journal. So here it is!

I'm terrible at these things. But...

What you can expect to find here: A number of typical and non-typical pairings, slash and het. Anything with 'NC-17' in the title. Angst but with sort of happy endings. Dubcon and possible non-con and sometimes abuse storylines because that's just my 'thing.' I'm sorry. I do warn about it. Swearing. I don't warn about that. If it says 'M/MA/NC-17' someone says fuck at some point. Sex and sometimes bondage; I do warn about that too. I enjoy dialogue. Thus, I will probably never write two characters completely silent during sex. I can't help it. Standalone Fics that are generally over 2000 words, and series that are much longer.

What I'll probably never write ever: Mpreg, G or PG rated stand-alones (they may accidentally become part of a series, but I prefer the higher ratings), drabbles, I am physically and mentally incapable of writing (or usually reading) a drabble, deathfics, and...and...I'll think of something else later.
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